November 17, 2011

RtmpDump, win64

Install MinGW MinGW Installer/mingw-get

It is important that you download mingw-get and not mingw-get-inst. mingw-get-inst installs x86 GCC

Build RtmpDump
:: for Windows
:: Install MSYS
mingw-get install msys-base
mingw-get install msys-wget
mingw-get install msys-unzip
mkdir c:/mingw64
sh mount c:/mingw64 /mingw64

:: Install GCC core
wget " 4.6 series/4.6.1-tdm64-1/gcc-4.6.1-tdm64-1-core.tar.lzma"
tar xfC "gcc-4.6.1-tdm64-1-core.tar.lzma" /mingw64

:: Install GNU binutils
wget " binutils/binutils-2.21.53-20110731-tdm64-1.tar.lzma"
tar xfC "binutils-2.21.53-20110731-tdm64-1.tar.lzma" /mingw64

:: Install mingw64 runtime
wget " runtime/GCC 4.6 series/mingw64-runtime-tdm64-gcc46-svn4483.tar.lzma"
tar xfC "mingw64-runtime-tdm64-gcc46-svn4483.tar.lzma" /mingw64

:: Install zlib
wget " binary packages (Win64 hosted)/Binaries (64-bit)/"
unzip ""
cd "zlib"
cp -r * /mingw64

:: Install PolarSSL
wget ""
tar xf "polarssl-1.0.0-gpl.tgz"
cd "polarssl-1.0.0"
make CC=gcc APPS=
make DESTDIR=/mingw64 install

:: Build RtmpDump
wget ""
tar xf "60218d0.tar.gz"
cd "rtmpdump"
make SHARED= SYS=mingw CRYPTO=POLARSSL LIBZ="-lz -static" VERSION="2.4-git-60218d0-20110930"

:: Optional, build librtmp.dll
make SYS=mingw CRYPTO=POLARSSL LIBZ="-lz -static"


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