November 17, 2011

Custom Windows 7 Taskbar

Resource Hacker I use 64-bit

Change taskbar button font color
the default is white i wanted to change it to black
1. go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero

2. make a copy of aero.msstyles, that way you can work with the copy

3. open aero.msstyles in hex editor

4. go to hex address 35840 and change the color from FF FF FF to color of your choice, i did black which is 00 00 00

Change taskbar date/time font color
1. go to hex address 39D78 and change the color from FF FF FF to color of your choice

2. save and close

Change taskbar color
the color of the taskbar is determined by a PNG file located inside of the aero.msstyles file. before you can edit the file you need to extract the file from aero.msstyles

1. open aero.msstyles in Resource Hacker

2. go to IMAGE\841\1033

3. Action > Save [IMAGE : 841 : 1033]

4. the file should only be 3 pixels height by 1 pixel wide, its only the bottom pixel that needs to be changed (i changed the color to silver C0C0C0)

5. after editing the picture right click on the original resource inside of resource hacker and choose "Replace Resource..."

6. Resource Type is "IMAGE", Resource Name is "841", you can leave Resource Language blank, then hit "Replace"

Apply the Custom Theme
1. rename C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero\aero.msstyles to aero-old.msstyles

2. rename new file to aero.msstyles

3. log off and back on

4. right click on desktop and choose "Personalize"

5. choose "Windows 7 Basic" under "Basic and High Contrast Themes"



  1. Nice Post, how did you figure out the hex address of the taskbar color? I'm using a custom theme from someone else and I would like to change their font and the color.


  2. hi, thanks for this post. i have followed it but result is that after restart theme is not aero but classic. and i am not able to switch it to aero. i use pspad for hex changes. same result was after following steps described somewhere else using resource hacker - extracting normal.res - changing what needed and so on. i have lenovo t420 with plenty of lenovo utilities - one of them crashes after restart described above. any idea?