January 26, 2011

The Airport

So I went to Fry's today to buy a hard drive.
It is a bad idea to buy anything in December unless you like traffic everywhere you go, but whatever i wanted a hard drive. On the way home I make a wrong turn and wind up going through the airport.

Well it cost $1 to drive through the airport. I was not happy about this.

So I get to the booth and I decide to give them all change. I started with pennies. By the time I counted to $0.40 the lady in the booth shut her little door because of the cold. I counted to $0.57 before I ran out of pennies, so i had to use nickels after that. About 10 people were waiting behind me. I felt pretty good the rest of the way home.

January 9, 2011

Set Up Excel 2007

Excel Options
Advanced > Editing Options
Enable AutoComplete = off

Proofing > AutoCorrect options
Correct two initial Capitals = off

Open Spreadsheets in New Window
rename ddexec to ddexec-old

(Default) - replace /e with "%1"
command - replace /e with "%1"


January 7, 2011

File Naming Rules

Profile 1 (music, videos)
remove (period) or replace with (hyphen)
remove (exclamation point)
use proper apostrophe

Profile 2
can only consist of:



I am at this store and in line in front of me is a family; son, mom and dad. The kid looks very young. The father and son were at the register checking out and the mom was a few feet behind.

The family was Hispanic and speaking Spanish, but the son was speaking simple enough Spanish that I understood clearly what he was saying. The son asked the dad for a toy or whatever was in his hand, and the dad replied something to the effect of "Ask your mother."

So with the father not looking the son goes over to the mother and stands next to her for a few seconds, saying nothing, then comes back to the father telling him that the mother said he could have the toy.

I immediately said to the dad, "hey, he did not actually ask her he just stood there."
The dad thanked me and did not buy the toy.
Out of curiosity I asked "how old is he?" to which he replied "four."