April 10, 2011

Comparison of Media Players

MusicBee proprietary
Popularimeter (POPM) support

iTunes proprietary
MediaMonkey Standard proprietary
Winamp proprietary
Windows Media Player proprietary

aTunes 2.0.1
requires java
cannot mass tag rating

Banshee 2.0.0

Clementine 0.7.1  
no Popularimeter (POPM)
tag edit requires full library rescan

Quod Libet 2.3
no Attached picture (APIC)
no Popularimeter (POPM)
TIT1 (grouping) rating
tags not recognized by windows

Songbird 1.9.3 
no popularimeter (POPM)
TXXX rating
BPM rating
6.443 second startup

Amarok requires KDE
Audacious not Windows
Beep Media Player discontinued
cmus console
Cog Mac only
Decibel Audio Player not Windows
Exaile not Windows
FFplay no media database
JuK not Windows
Kaffeine not Windows
Konqueror Media Player video player
Listen discontinued
Media Player Classic video player
Media Player Classic Home Cinema video player
MPlayer video player
Mplayerxp video player
MPXPLAY console
Music on Console not Windows
Music Player Daemon music player server
musikCube 4 years old
Ogle video player
QuickPlayer no media database
Rhythmbox not Windows
SMPlayer video player
The Core Pocket Media Player discontinued
Totem Movie Player not Windows
UADE Amiga music
VLC video player
XBMC video player
xine video player
XMMS not Windows
Zinf 6 years old

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