November 7, 2011

Blogger Custom Navbar

This all started when I decided to change the URL of my blog. The problem comes with searching the blog. I know these methods to search a Blogger blog:

1. using the Navbar
2. using Search Box Gadget
3. using Google Custom Search
4. Google Search Form


When you change the URL of your blog, older posts are no longer searchable. Some have said that only the last 26 posts are searchable. I have found that any existing posts or Imported posts with date earlier than the URL change are not searchable by the Navbar. A workaround is to go to each post and change the date to Automatic, but this is not feasible for large blogs.

Search box gadget
This is similar to the Navbar, but allows for some customization. It suffers from same search problem as the Navbar.

Google Custom Search Engine
This is similar to the Navbar, but allows for some customization. It suffers from search problems as well.

Google Search Form
go to
Design > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript
and add the custom Navbar



  1. Thanks for this Steven, I've just changed my url and realised that search no longer functions - great to find someone sharing a workaround!

  2. I have the same url change/nav bar failure issue.
    For awhile it got better, but a year out and it still is missing many posts.

    I found installing a google search function from google apps rather than from blogger worked better. Using the gadget/widget from Blogger returned the same incomplete results. Using the one from Google did not, although I had to cut and paste the code into my side bar.

    The big advantage of the Navbar search is the way they open with a url showing all on pages, which neither of the methods of using google search will do.

    kind of aggravating how there is no fix and they closed the discussion on the blogger forum

  3. Nowadays I usually just do a " puppies" search through and dont even use the navbar